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            Power station construction, cooperative power generation, unit maintenance and sales"Shengdong New Energy Starts Nature"

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            The company is equipped with advanced production lines, perfect quality management system, thoughtful after-sales service

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            R & D, production, service in one of the professional build generator set manufacturer

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            Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

            Our factory has a number of senior technical staff, the technical level is in the leading position in the whole industry, during the work with a high degree of professionalism, rigorous and meticulous work style, devoted to ensure the engine quality assembly work. It has served more than 500 large, medium and small power stations in China

            QualityRegular quality manufacturer accessories, engineering quality is guaranteed02

            Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

            I plant during the production of the parts used by the original factory parts are provided by high quality manufacturers, quality is guaranteed, long service life, relatively inferior parts of economic cost, but also can be exempted from worries, users use more at ease.

            PerformanceMachine performance is good, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection03

            Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

            In view of different use environment, the machine produced by our factory can meet the needs of different customers to improve the machine, so that the machine performance is strong, can be widely used in a variety of harsh natural environment. In response to the national call, the company has created resource-saving, energy-saving and emission-reducing products and widely used energy-saving and emission-reducing technologies, which have effectively reduced the operating costs of customers and protected the ecological environment.

            ServiceHigh quality service level, high cost performance04

            Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

            Pre-sale services include consultation, planning and budgeting, etc., in-sale services include power station construction guidance, various process drawings, free workshop training for operators, after-sale services include free debugging, on-site personnel training, free fault handling during the warranty period, life-long cost price service. Do not leave the site if the service is not satisfactory.

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            Puyang Shengdong New Energy Co. Ltd

            Professional generator set manufacturer

            Puyang shengdong new energy co., LTD is located in "hometown of hualong", "hometown of emperor shun," said the henan puyang city, the company was established in April 2017, the predecessor is the shengli oilfield shengli power machinery group co., LTD., west service, the company since its establishment has service part, sichuan, shanxi, shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, and other provinces. The company is equipped with advanced production lines, perfect quality management system, thoughtful after-sales service, is a set of research and development, production, service in one of the professional manufacturers. Over the years, the company has won a good reputation in the industry by virtue of cost-effective products and professional and thoughtful technical services, and has won the trust and recognition of the majority of users.

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